Who is Fatchuchi Design ?

Fion is a Hong Kong native residing in Toronto, Canada with an immense passion for creativity. She is the proud owner and founder of Fatchuchi Design – producing beautiful and elegant custom-made hand-made jewelry in addition to practical and spectacular abstract fluid art and resin craft.


She produces a plethora of jewelry designs, from striking necklaces to intricately designed and lovingly produced bespoke pendants. To add to her wide array of talents, her magnificent artwork comes in many forms, from wonderfully modern wall art, to useful, daily household items such as food trays, jewellery holders, coasters and even a beautiful Plateau à fromage (Cheeseboard).

Jewellery and art are often purchased or given as gifts to mark special occasions. When she looks at her own, personal jewellery and art pieces, Fion is whisked away to the very moment she received the works of art, recalling those wonderful moments as if they were yesterday. This is the feeling she thoroughly enjoys inspiring in her customers.

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In addition to her signature ‘Creo en Mi’ jewellery collection, you can join the exclusive ‘Pendant Carnival’ – another fantastic opportunity to own hand-made jewelry which evokes the same emotional connection in you and your loved ones.

Affordability and Fion’s communication are huge draws – you can own your very own special piece of hand-made jewellery or stunning useful art items without spending beyond your means. Fion prides herself in a prompt and professional level of communication throughout every stage of the process from initial contact to sale, as well as after care support.

Fatchuchi Design is all about you… Fion is ready and waiting to design your very own special piece of magic – just for you!