Creo En Mi Collection

You are why we do what we do

How you help Fatchuchi Jewelry become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our Creo En Mi Collection, knows they are getting a unique piece of jewelry worthy of their precious souls. 

Fion – Owner and Designer of Fatchuchi Jewelry

Before I created Fatchuchi Jewelry, I simply made jewelry for fun, for myself, or as gifts for family and friends.

One day, I met a friend for lunch who was feeling lost and upset because she had recently lost her job and boyfriend. While listening to her, I was unsure of how I could help her. As we were about to leave the restaurant, she asked me if she could try on the necklace I was wearing.

She said she had noticed…

my handmade necklace from the moment we had sat down and she was attracted by the design, and wording I had put inside the necklace. She said she needed a little inspiration because she was close to losing her faith. Coincidentally, that was the exactly the reason why I had created that piece for myself.

All the material I use to design my jewelry contains a clear meaning. Without question or hesitation, I gave her the necklace and was over the moon that I could help her.

I was concerned that…

people might not understand the purpose of my jewelry besides enhancing their appearance and I often worried that I could not find the material I needed for my creations


thinking back to my friend’s ‘glowing’ eyes when she had my necklace in her hand, I decided to design the Creo En Mi Collection for people who would like a precious item to treasure, to reassure themselves when they are having a tough time. No matter how bad a situation, you just have to believe in yourself – Creo En Mi.

I set out…

to create the most authentic Creo En Mi Collection for the most precious souls in the world. It turns out, this journey was more difficult than I had imagined.

My family members were not supportive and often discouraged me by telling me that I was wasting my time and that no one would buy my jewelry.

I had to…

manage my time carefully and wisely. I had to make sure that I did not let them feel my jewelry business was affecting the family’s daily schedule or else they would continue to demonstrate further negativity. This is one of the reasons why I must create my collection – I always tell myself to not allow people to discourage us in relation to our dreams.

I produced …

many pieces that I did not feel suitably represented the meanings behind the jewelry until I showed and asked approximately 30 people from different walks of life how they felt about the jewelry before I launched the Creo En Mi Collection.


we released our first products and the response has been hugely positive from everyone who has seen the collection.

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