Art Fist

Who is ART FIST ?

A couple of years ago on a hot summer’s day, I was varnishing my painting on my doorstep. As I was engrossed in my task, my neighbour, Steve, walked by…

He said, “Wow, your painting is nice, are you an artist?”.

I said, “Yes, I am, is there anything I can help you with?”.

He said, “My son, Stephen, is an artist too. He designs tattoo graphics”.

I said, “Cool!” (besides cool I didn’t know what to say).

I never thought that his son’s tattoo art had anything related to mine.  However, artists respect artists. It’s cool to have a neighbour who is an artist too, even though I have never met him.

After a while, still in the same summer. I was varnishing another piece of art work outside my house. Haha, outside the house again! (yes, I am so poor that I cannot work in my house!). Nah, the varnishing smell is very strong and it can be irritating inside the house.

All of a sudden, a guy who wore gangster style sunglasses and a man-bun walked past and stopped in front of me. I was thinking in my head, ‘who was this gangster and what was he doing here?’.

He said,”Hey, it looks cool!”.

”Thank you!”.

“My dad told me you are an artist”.

I said, “Really?”

At that moment, I knew he was the son of my neighbour, Steve.

I said,  “Oh! You’re Stephen? Your dad told me you are an artist too”.

I grabbed my painting (in fact, it was a skateboard) and walked towards him. It felt like I had never seen a human being in my life and we started chatting.

We talked about my fluid art on the skateboard and he had a number of ideas about what he could illustrate/display on it to make it extra-stunning. Stephen also mentioned a lot of his work which reached further than merely tattooing. He specialises in doing fine illustration on which he likes to use vivid colours to make his work come alive.

Time flies when you are having fun. I remember, we chatted for over an hour until someone from his house urged him to go in.

Since then, every time we’ve met, we’ve had unlimited topics about art to discuss and we admire each others’ work a lot.

One day, I created 6 paintings in a row without notifying Stephen and delivered them to his house in a big box with a note. ‘Master artist, put whatever you think is eye-catching on my painting and see what amalgamation we can come up with!’.

Of course, I don’t have to say what the result was. Here is how Fion’s fluid art met Stephen’s fine illustration.

We named it Art Fist (Fi stands for Fion and St for Stephen). What do you get when you stumble across an ‘Art Fist’………? You will get a one of a kind and breathtaking art pieces. Browse the shop and pick up the one you cannot take your eyes away from!