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Fatchuchi Jewelry Bespoke Pendant Carnival

Besides the Creo En Mi Signature Collection…

I consistently create bespoke pendants for my customers according to their requests. They have different events and celebrations throughout the year and they enjoy giving their loved ones something unique and memorable. I design according to what stories they tell me and what colour themes they prefer. I also consider what events the presents are for, who they are giving the present to and I even ask them about the character of their loved one. Regardless of who they are, I connect fully with each individual story to create the best product I possibly can.

In one case, a mother desired…

to give her daughter a set of handmade jewelry as a birthday present. She told me her daughter’s age, her favorite colors and shapes, and a little of her personality. She told me she loved oceans and items with a royal theme, take items with blues and purples for example. I gathered all these images and used my ingenuity to make a quick draft and collect all the important material and start working on it. Here is the creation, her daughter just fell in love with it.

Another client told me…

her friend had recently started driving a motorbike. Her friend was a cool, stylish girl and she thought some style with a feminine element within would be perfect. Again, I used my vision of design and made this pendant for her. What do you say?

I enjoy making tailor-made pendants. It’s not only fun, but the satisfaction you gain from realising one’s dreams and desires are an excitement for me. Seeing someone easily find what they are looking for by using only a few words, I feel like I pass them the key to a treasure chest. They simply need to open it.

These are just two cases of the tailor-made experience. I turned lots of stories into wearable pendants. These unique stories become unforgettable memories in the pendants and they are all one-of-a-kind in the world.

I am thrilled…

every time I create these pieces for my customers. When I put colors, sparkles, happiness and memories into them, I feel like I am participating in a carnival. Therefore, I call it ‘Pendant Carnival’,

I have already created some ready made pendants which you can choose from my shop. 

However, if you have want to make a special one for yourself or your love ones, you can fill up the form and we will contact you at once. 

What is your story? Let me transform it into a precious pendant!

Custom made request form

Notes for tailor-made orders

After you submit an order, I will review it within 24 hours. I will confirm your order after the review if there is no further information needed. Tailor-made orders must be prepaid before the production process begins. Invoices will be sent to you by email. Prices range from USD 40 to 60 on average plus shipping cost. Overall cost will depend on materials used and individual requests. Please expect a lead time of 5 to 7 business days before dispatch . You will have a chance to review your order.